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faux vintage photo slides made with napkins @junkjournaljoy
Difficulty: Easy materials • napkins • candle wax • iron • baking paper • stamp + archival ink
two necklaces sitting on top of a table
Mom Simple Necklace, Minimalist Custom Necklace, Mom of 3 gift from Husband
Tiny House Design Ideas - Tiny Home Designs Tiny Home Designs, Casa Hobbit, Small House Layout, Tiny House Loft, House Loft, Tiny House Inspiration, House Design Ideas, Living Small, Modern Tiny House
Tiny House Design Ideas - Tiny Home Designs
Embrace the charm of compact living with our curated #TinyHouseDesign ideas! 🏡✨ From multifunctional furniture to space-saving hacks, discover the art of living small. #TinyLiving #Minimalism #SustainableHome #SmartDesign
how to paint faux galvaniized metal village houses with christmas trees in the background
How to Paint a Faux Galvanized Finish {Full Step-by-Step Tutorial} - An Oregon Cottage
How to paint a faux galvanized finish on metal village houses or any metal surface you want. #paint #diy