Allen !

Allen !

i love the bae so much that hurts my little stone
Allen !
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Izaya being Izaya. Honestly though, he's really cunning and that immediately gives him the right to say as such.

Izaya Orihara: this is me to the majority of people at my school

Durarara. Izaya's kind of a psychopath with a god complex but he's my favorite character. Huh

Actually, a fear of falling is one of the fears that all humans are born with, the other being loud noises<----True except i kinda like loud noises

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Charles Grey and Phipps Grey - Kuroshitsuji Wiki

Who says snakes can't be cute? I mean, look at him in the cute little sweater!

Don't want one this big, but I want to knit a cute little sweater for my own cute little pet snake !