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an aerial view of some statues on the side of a hill with words written below it
an article about the rock of cashel, ireland and its role in the devil's bit
the oldest medieval street in the uk
Jack Chesher | Living London History on Instagram: "In Wells, in Somerset, you will find the oldest medieval street in the UK and possibly even Europe… Vicars’ Close dates from 1348 and was built for the ‘Vicars Choral’, the group who served the adjacent Wells Cathedral and sang in the choir. They have recently launched a project called Vicars’ Close: A Medieval Street Singing Through the Centuries to conserve and celebrate the street. As part of that they hope to open up never before seen spaces to the public. . . . . . #medievalhistory #wells #somerset #westcountry #wellshistory #somersethistory #london"
two maps with red and white dots on them that show the names of places in poland
35 Incredible Maps That Will Change How You See The World
an image of the inside of a church with pictures and captioning on it
an image of a person standing in front of a wall with the caption that reads,
You've gotta try this - visit Showcase of Citrus
Experience citrus picking, monster trucks, and so much more at Showcase of Citrus!
an advertisement for the bank of england, with mountains in the background and text describing it
Instead of allowing the people responsible for bank fraud to run free as the years passed by, Iceland thought it might be wise to actually indict bankers who committed serious financial crimes that contributed to the collapse.
the inside of a building that has been decorated with gold
an image of a hole in the ground that looks like it's going to be melted