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a living room with wood flooring and built - in entertainment center surrounded by large windows
a christmas tree made out of driftwood with lights on the top and a starfish
Con legnetti di mare
an outdoor kitchen with white cabinets and tile flooring on the side of a building
two plants are sitting on the steps outside in the snow at night, with light coming from above them
a bedroom with a bed and pictures on the wall
interior design houston interior design help online interior design hourly rate
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some plants are sitting on a wooden shelf in front of a white wall and black framed pictures
three potted plants sitting next to each other in front of some wooden poles on the wall
a coffee table that has some cards on it
an outdoor kitchen with wooden floors and gray cabinets, along with white chairs that sit at the center of the island
Summer Escape: Inside three beautiful Southern lake houses
an animal with horns and ropes on it's head sitting in the grass next to a tree
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two handprints with the names of each child's hands in pink and blue
30+ Amazing DIY Paintings For Your Blank Walls
a wooden house number sign mounted to the side of a white building with black numbers on it
DIY Modern House Number Sign with Wood Shims
DIY a modern house number sign with wood shims to improve your curb appeal. This unique address plaque is simple to make and looks great! #diy #homeimprovement
the front door is decorated with wooden slats and has numbers on it, along with a purple planter filled with flowers
Rustic DIY Projects to add Warmth to your Farmhouse Decor - For Creative Juice
DIY Rustic House Number Sign. House numbers give your home a finished look while also helping visitors find their way to your home. You can create your own custom house number sign and add some rustic charm to your home's exterior!
an illuminated sign on the side of a building that reads 1 o'clock in white letters
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a house number sign with succulents in it
Unique Selection, Unbelievable Prices
This house number planter box makes the perfect addition to any front porch. We start by staining poplar wood a Dark Walnut color and seal it well with a water based, satin finish polyurethane. Three holes are drilled into the bottom of the planter box section to provide proper drainage for your plants. This planter can be made with or without the metal numbers. We provide eye hooks for mounting your planter. Succulent plants are not included. The overall measurement of this planter is 18 i.....
a house with a fire pit in front of it and an outside patio area next to it
there is a baby crib in the room
#Dream #kids room Cool Home Interior Ideas
a child's bedroom with a white bed and pink accents on the walls is featured in an article about montessor pro
Montessori Toddler Beds Frame Bed House Bed House Wood House Kids Teepee House Shaped Bed Platform Bed Children Furniture FULL/ DOUBLE - Etsy
Hmmm Alex could probably make this 😍
the moon bed is made from wood and has lights on it
Starry Night Pallet Half-moon Cradle! • 1001 Pallets
I made a Pallet Half-Moon Cradle from pictures I found on 1001pallets. It has an MDF frame and soft lighting inside. I carved star shapes on the outside, too! The cradle sits on a sturdy wooden pedestal base.