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a white piece of paper sitting on top of a table
Fabric Bowl Tutorial
Mary's Quilting Notes: Fabric Bowl Tutorial
an info sheet with instructions for how to draw the human eye in three different ways
Tutorial Tuesday! How to Draw a Pretty Face, Week Three : Drawing a perfectly proportionate head.
someone is holding a piece of fabric with a flower on it
Scrap Flower Tutorial
Next up for Pink Week is the tutorial for the sweet little fabric flower brooch that is part of my giveaway. I used the scraps from this skirt to make those little flowers and it couldn’t ha…
20 diy fabric flower free patterns
20 Fabric Flower DIY Free Tutorials
20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials
a hand holding two pieces of white fabric
Pearl and Lace Flower Tutorial (no sewing!)
SIMPLY PAPER: Pearl and Lace Flower Tutorial (no sewing!)
an angel ornament sitting on top of a wooden table next to scissors and beads
How to make Fabric Angel Wings - a perfect gift or home decoration
paper craft work for kids - back to school paper craft