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an old book with flowers drawn on it
four different types of feathers are shown in this drawing
Image result for leaf stages art lesson
the different types of trees and their branches are shown in this drawing lesson, which shows how
a pencil drawing of a tree trunk
Drawing trees
three different types of mountains with the same line drawn on them, each one has an arrow
Drawing mountain ridges | Mountain Drawing Simple, Simple Landscape Drawing, Simple Nature Drawing, Easy Landscape Paintings, Art Drawings Sketches Simple, Easy Doodles Drawings, Landscape Drawing Tutorial, Drawing Scenery, Mountain Sketch
two pages showing how to use different types of objects in an animation style video game
.Folds / Line of Action #GrizAndNorm
a sculpture of a lion is in the middle of a grassy area with trees behind it
Cush Coffee
Recycled tire sculpture. Not metal but wow
the crafty classroom's famous artist projects
Famous Artists Crafts for Kids
Famous Artist Projects for Kids:
a woman is painting on an easel in front of a large art piece,
Georgia O’Keeffe
an abstract painting with flowers and leaves
Calla Lily on Grey, 1928 - Georgia O'Keeffe -
Georgia O'Keeffe
an abstract painting with red and green colors
Georgia O'Keeffe - 237 artworks - painting
Georgia O'Keeffe -
an acrylic painting of leaves and flowers
Autumn Leaves - Lake George, N.Y., 1924 - Georgia O'Keeffe -
Georgia O'Keeffe
a series of photographs with different colors and sizes on them, all showing the same image
Let's just cut to the chase ...
an old black and white photo of a woman with wrinkles on her face, looking at the camera