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Watermelon Picnic File Folder Game Here is another fun free file folder game (say that 10 times fast!) It's a counting/number ID game. The kids simply count the seeds and match them up to the correct watermelon.

Number board 1-10

This can be changed to letters instead of numbers and the hands can reflect sign language for each letter to show inclusiveness for children and family members with hearing disabilities.


, Flynn Design Think-Pair-Share - 318 Cooperative Learning Keys to Success 4 x 4 - the background for this one is actua

Kid Giddy aka Kerry Goulder: Sewing Patterns, Crafts, DIY, Photography, Recipes and more: Giddy-Up Friday: Valentine Sudoku Printables

I am feeling the love tonight! If not, these Valentine Sudoku Printables by Kid Giddy can help you out with that!