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Acrylic marker ideas using Schneider Paint It products - which are waterbased, odorless, water resistant and practically can be drawn on nearly every type of…
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Autumn DIY frame technique
You will only need 4 things if you want to reproduce Nori's ( heartwarming ❤️🔥 Autumn decoration: -frame 🖼️ -pressed leaves 🍂 -Makers Line acrylic markers ✍️ -your favourite quote 📜
The Little Prince drawing
"What makes the desert beautiful,' said the little prince, 'is that somewhere it hides a well...” 🏜️💧 Thank you for the amazing drawing Juli (@margaretalany), it's great to see how the Makers Line Chrome marker shines through! ✨
three potted plants sitting on top of a wooden table
Decorate your own ceramic plant pot
Transform your garden oasis with a ceramic plant pot, hand-painted using Makers Line acrylic markers. 🎨🌿 With its white base and chic geometric design, it's the standout star amidst a sea of plain pots. Catch it soaking up the sun, adding a touch of art to your outdoor sanctuary! ☀️🏡
a person holding a notebook with a drawing on it and a pencil in their hand
Metallic rollerballs
Discover the magic of doodling with our Makers Line metallic rollerballs! 🌙🖊️ Watch as a sleeping bear comes to life on dark paper, glowing softly like a dream. 🐻✨
a person holding a pen and writing on a book
Big ideas need great writing tools
Sketch, write, and illustrate with the new Pictus fineliner—your go-to for vibrant, lasting colors and precision 🎨✍️. Waterproof, fade-resistant, and eco-friendly with 85% recycled plastic, it's perfect for school, home, and technical work. Pictus, your sustainable creativity companion! 🌱🖊️
a woman is carving a pumpkin with markers
Home - Schneider Makers Line
You will need Makers Line black acrylic markers if you want your pumpkin to have a really spooky expression! 🎃
three markers are sitting on top of a piece of paper that is covered in watercolor
Endless creativity with DIY twin markers
Say hello to endless creativity with 'Makers Line Twin Marker'! 🌈 This game-changing box comes with color cartridges that let you create your very own dual-tip markers. That's right, choose your hues for BOTH sides! 🎨 And now, let's create something "fruitful", like Tomasz ( did! 🍓
Colorful halloween pen drawing time lapse video
Dive into the world of Halloween creativity with our sketchbook illustration! 🎃🖋️📒 Check out the full time-lapse video for an inside look at how we brought this spooky idea to life. Learn how to sketch your own Halloween illustration using Schneider pen. Let's get creative this Halloween season! 🧙‍♀️🎨
a drawing of a man wearing a hat and holding a knife next to some markers
Mexican styled man and makeup art in a sketchbook made with Schneider pen
We embracing Mexican style and creativity this Halloween season! 🇲🇽🎃✍️ Using Schneider pen, we sketching up some incredible Mexican-inspired drawing to a sketchbook. Let's celebrate the artistry and culture this holiday. Who's joining us on this creative journey? 🖋️🎨
Getting ready to spook up the Halloween party with a DIY twist! 🎃💀✍️ We embracing the creative spirit with the Schneider acrylic markers to craft a cute skull mask inspired by Mexican mask designs. Who says Halloween can't be stylish and artsy? 🖌️🎉 #DIYhalloweenmask #mexicanmaskinspo #cuteskullmask #schneidermakersline #halloweenpartyprep #creativecostumes Halloween Crafts, Home-made Halloween, Crafts, Diy Halloween Masks, Halloween Diy
DIY halloween party mask made with Schneider acrylic markers
Getting ready to spook up the Halloween party with a DIY twist! 🎃💀✍️ We embracing the creative spirit with the Schneider acrylic markers to craft a cute skull mask inspired by Mexican mask designs. Who says Halloween can't be stylish and artsy? 🖌️🎉 #DIYhalloweenmask #mexicanmaskinspo #cuteskullmask #schneidermakersline #halloweenpartyprep #creativecostumes
a child's hand holding a marker over a piece of paper with ghost cutouts on it
DIY axe illustration for halloween decorations made with Schneider Acrylic Markers
Getting into the Halloween spirit with a splash of creativity and the favorite Schneider acrylic marker! 👻🎨✍️ These spooktacular ghosts are coming to life through Eszti's DIY design, and we can't wait to add them to our Halloween decorations. Who else is using acrylic markers for their Halloween art this year? 🖌️🎃 #halloweenart #creativeDIY #acrylicmarkermagic #schneidermarkers #illustrationinspo #halloweendecorations #ghosts #DIYdesigns
a drawing of two pumpkins on a table next to some colored pencils and candles
Spooky pen art made with Schneider pen
Unleashing your inner creativity this Halloween season with your trusty Schneider pen! 🎃🖋️👻 From the sketchbook to life, we conjuring up some spooky and imaginative Halloween art that's sure to give you chills. Who else is using their pens to create Halloween masterpieces? 🎨✨ #halloweenart #creativepen #penart #illustration #sketchbookmagic #schneiderpen #shcneidermakersline #halloweencreations
a person is painting a vase with crayons
Lampshade decoration
Turn the ordinary into extraordinary with a splash of red! 🎨💡 Using a red Makers Line acrylic marker, see how a simple black lampshade transforms into a statement piece. Illuminate your space in style! 💡🌟
three glass jars sitting on top of a wooden table with trees painted on the lids
Spooky Halloween decoration
Hungry for more ideas? 🎃 Watch the video!
three jars with designs painted on them sitting on a table next to some string lights
Unique Halloween deco on mason jars
Step up your Halloween game with a Tim Burton-inspired twist! 🎃👻 Ditch the clichés and grab your Schneider Makers Line acrylic markers to turn mason jars into spooktacular masterpieces! 🖌️