BlondMe a legtökéletesebb szőkítőpor
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A szőke haj ápolása – kötéserősítő technológia A Blondme kötéserősítő ápoló rendszer a Bonding Technológiát alkalmazza. Ez az innovatív technológia képes helyreállítani a haj pH szintjét és stabilizálja a gyengéd szőke haj belső szerkezetét, és új erős kötéseket hoz létre a haj természetes rostszerkezetével.

Blonde girls could never be this strong! With ice cool tones from light platinum to lustrous grey and metal tones, then fuse them together in an iridescent hologram for an intense look full of character.

Platinum Purity is all about the purest and most precious of all blondes: Platinum. It shows the pure essence of blonde in a clear and even tone. Monochromatic, simplistic and super…

It is all about the sun-kissed look with a soft play of vivid caramels and cream. The shades are painted onto the hair and just flow into each other to create a blonde that simply owns the spotlight.

Truly blonde, reproducing a beam of sunlight with soft tones that are ultra-feminine. A subtle mix of warm beiges and neutral tones perfectly underlines the relaxed glamour and adds a modern twist.

A soft grading from deep roots to an illuminating glow towards the ends. It beautifully enhances the natural texture of wavy and curly hair with a great blend of warm, yet powdery, pared-down golds.

Rosé, beige and gold! All are focusing around the face to ensure an on-trend yet casual, lived-in blonde glow.