Tea Roses

Collection by Scottsdale Farms Garden Center & Bella Luna Cafe


Large flowers generally one per stem. Great cut flowers

Scottsdale Farms Garden Center & Bella Luna Cafe
Hybrid tea roses are best known as the traditional long stemmed cut rose. Hybrid tea roses produces flowers that are nicely formed with large, high-centred

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 A large rose pink bloom with a rich and sweet fragrance.

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 Long lasting blooms from spring to fall

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 A beautiful red blooms that is stunning in a bouquet

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Novelty™ - a bicolor hybrid tea rose. The sunshine yellow buds bloom to reveal vibrant orange color

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Purchase our Mister Lincoln Hybrid Tea Rose. Many consider this classic beauty to be the best red tea rose ever, with its huge blooms of deep velvety re.

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Miss All American Beauty hybrid tea rose - beautiful pink blooms with a rosy pink complexion

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Beverly™ Hybrid Tea rose - beautiful pink blooms and extremely fragrant. Has won awards for being the most fragrant

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Large cream blooms gradually blush with coral and pink tones on this Hybrid Tea rose. Plants have strong disease resistance and flower throughout the growing season. Long stems make picking this rose for bouquets a must.

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Macho Man Hybrid Tea Rose - mauve in color, a tough and stocky guy in the garden

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good for cutting or as a hedge

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Gardening Roses Lady Bird Hybrid Tea Rose - Light Fragrance - (PP

Lady Bird Hybrid Tea Rose

Chosen by Lady Bird Johnson for its unusual vibrant color and graceful form. A vigorous bloomer that makes a fabulous cut rose.

"First Prize" Hybrid Tea Rose. Deep rose-pink buds spiral gracefully opening to immense blooms with ivory centers. Thick satin-like petals. Dark green leathery foliage on a vigorous plant. Died in too much Shade on back fence.

First Prize

One of the top exhibition roses year after year.

Voodoo Hybrid Tea Rose - This tall vigorous plant gives lot's of peachy-orange blooms with a heady sweet fragrance. naturally disease resistant and easy-to-grow.


The enchanting fragrance and magical blend of yellow, peach and deep orange will cast a spell on you.

Our Little Acre: For Love of a 'Peace' Rose. History of the 'Peace' rose. The one in my garden is in bloom today.


The world's most famous rose, in brilliant yellow and pink, was first introduced to the U.S.

Dolly Pardon Hybrid Tea-This southern beauty is drop dead gorgeous and almost bigger than life. Cheerful, extravagantly fragrant, with vibrant lipstick red color what else would Dolly need? A show stopper in the garden.

Dolly Parton

This southern beauty is drop dead gorgeous and almost bigger than life.