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Anatomy of mythological creatures by Masao Kinoshita

Sculptor Masao Kinoshita's work comes in a variety of forms, but what really tweaks my amygdala are the anatomical maquettes of fanciful creatures. elephant 4 arms four human body man

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Master Character Painter Rob Ramsdell brings shark-like precision to his paint work on this underwater monster.

Just a day in the lab with master painter Rob Ramsdell while painting the underwater monster from the TV movie CREATURE by stanwinstonschool

Pteroscent , Jamie-lee Lloyd on ArtStation at

Creature created using dynamesh in Zbrush, inspired by the designs of Carlos Huante

New alien maquette by on @deviantART

The one on the right is a new full body maquette i started recently. It's influenced and based on a sculpt by Jamie Beswarick for District I used mon. New alien maquette

Aris Kolokontes 的一些怪...

Aris Kolokontes 的一些怪...