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an ink drawing of several different types of water and rocks, with trees in the background
Long way down ~ Great pin! For Oahu architectural design visit
an old map shows the location of the gobin's lair, which is located in attachment.php?s=d9a475c1e1bb175643dbd422619e27b1&attachmentid=87161&d=1472783658
an overview of the world's most famous buildings and their locations infographical poster
Classic D&D Walkthrough Maps
Classic D&D Walkthrough Maps - Imgur
a drawing of a river with many different types of boats on it and the words,'tricycle '
Behind the waterfall. More
a floor plan for an empty house with two rooms and one bedroom on the second floor
"Empty House Robbery". Floorplan of a two-storey home.
an image of a futuristic city surrounded by mountains and water with lights on it's sides
23/04 Possible area inspiration, showing the levels underground and how the environment changes as you go deeper. Reminiscent of my contextual research on Inferno (from Divine Comedy)
a blueprinted diagram of the outer system in star wars, with instructions on how to use it
[Map] Beacon Station
[Map] Beacon Station
an illustrated diagram of the castle and its surrounding walls, with instructions for how to use it
Adventure! by cwalton73 on DeviantArt
Adventure! by cwalton73
the broken bridge - part ii is shown in blue ink on an old parchment paper
[Map] The Broken Bridge, pt. 2
[Map] The Broken Bridge, pt. 2 – Adventures Beyond Space-Time
an old map with some plants growing out of it
Desert encampment
a drawing of a plan for a house with two courtyards and an outdoor swimming pool
an image of some sort of floating island in the air with trees and plants on it
第五期学员片区场景习作, STAR CG
ArtStation - 第五期学员片区场景习作, Star Academy
some buildings and trees are shown in this digital painting style photoreale effect set
Ruins Process by Darkhikarii on DeviantArt
Ruins Process by on @DeviantArt
three different views of an island with trees and water in the middle, from top to bottom
第五期学员片区场景习作, STAR CG
ArtStation - 第五期学员片区场景习作, Star Academy