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the pineapple cosmopolian cocktail is served in a coupe glass
Pineapple Cosmopolitan
It’s a refreshing twist on the classic Cosmo, swapping traditional ingredients for pineapple juice, which adds a fruity punch. This cocktail is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet yet slightly tart flavor. The combination of vodka, cranberry, and citrus notes creates a balanced drink that’s enjoyable at any gathering. #pineapplecosmopolitan via @mybartender
a menu for water packet recipes is shown in front of a basket full of food
Flavored Water Recipes Using Water Flavor Packets
a starbucks drink sitting on top of a wooden table next to a vase with flowers
Blue Lagoon - Flavored Water
Jolly Rancher Green Apple & Sonic Ocean Water
a jar filled with liquid next to a box of soda
three packets of blue raspberry are sitting next to each other on the counter
the facebook page has an image of several different flavors on it, including water tok confections and aloena sunset snow cone