Miku Hatsune

Miku Hatsune

Miku Hatsune
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kaito miku

kaito x miku Aww is so cute♥


Miku,kaito,gakupo,luka love is war

hannibal Will Graham

feredir: “ the tables are turning ” This has to be my favorite work of fanart in the entire Hannibal fandom.

Vocaloid, Utau, Namine Ritsu, Megurine Luka, IA, Kagamine Len, Nekomura Iroha, Kagamine Rin, Hatsune Miku, GUMI :)

Namine Ritsu//Megurine Luka//IA//Kagamine Len and Rin//Hatsune Miku//Megpoid Gumi - Vocaloid

Vocaloid , Miku

Len: kill me know! Miku: aww ur so cute! Kaito: Miku like the pig tails? Gumi: hahaha how do you feel about bald? Luka: gumi stop moving. Gumi: neve-a! Rin: THIS ISNT WORKING! Meiko: this is so peaceful