Josh Gibbs gives you 7 unorthodox, highly useful and interesting ways to practice a foreign language. Who said you had to go abroad to practice speaking?

74 percent of worldwide skyscraper completions in 2013 (almost three quarters!) were in Asian countries, with a record-breaking 53 skyscrapers built in Asia in

A golden sand dune-inspired structure begins to take shape as Foster + Partners recently broke ground upon their UAE pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai Expo. A showcase of passive environmental design,

30 Famous Bridge Architecture - Nanpu Bridge (Shanghai, China) The spiral bridge approach in puxi is considered to be a wonder in world bridge construction. It is made to minimize the amount of land used by the bridge approach.

One of the World’s Biggest Highway Interchanges: Nanpu Bridge, Shanghai, China

Gives you an idea just how big the Eiffel Tower is. can't wait to take the Hubby and our kids!

Other facilities at the tower includes a skating ring which is free to use.

The tallest monument commemorating the centenary of the French Revolution is the Eiffel tower ( In French la Tour Eiffel) of France. The Eiffel Tower is 81 stories, or feet tall, and it is the tallest building of Paris, France.