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Tailor-made wooden trophies Authentic, environmental and timeless material, the wood becomes, in a modern context, an element delivering on “sustainability’s challenges”. Wood can be engraved, sculpted, polished, inlayed with molten glass and mosaic or combined with metal and crystal pending on the artist’s creativity. It is a living material which will evolve all along the years. Wood can be burnt, whitened or kept in its natural state. Wood is used in total respect of the rules: every used…

Square wooden trophies on sliced base Natural or burnt wood Insert of an engraved glass cobblestone

tenkei bicycle rack - single

People who find beauty in Japan's tetrapod-lined shores will undoubtedly be equally pleased with this concrete bicycle rack

This is a great outdoor couch idea which is not hard to copy, but will take a few days for completion because it is huge and there is also a table with it. The pallets don’t need paint for enhancing the look because they appear amazing as they are.

Easy Recycling Ideas to Build with Wooden Pallets: They are precious because they can create innovative items and can also save thousands of dollars which a