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Power tools are great for building things. Power tools are used by carpenters, masons, and other professionals who build things. Power tools help you work…
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Want to know how to cut metal and the correct tools to use? We list effective methods and what each tool is used for. How To Cut Metal, Silver, Silver Rings
How To Cut Metal
Want to know how to cut metal and the correct tools to use? We list effective methods and what each tool is used for.
a man is cutting metal with the words techniques for cutting metal in front of him
Techniques for Cutting Metal
If you want the best results when cutting metal, you need the right tools. You should also try the correct technique. We show you how.
a man in white shirt and yellow gloves holding scissors with the words different tools for cutting metal
Different Tools for Cutting Metal
Cutting a lot of metal? You need the right tools and the correct techniques. We show you which tools are the best and the easiest methods.
a man and woman are working together with the text what makes the best power tool brand?
What Makes the Best Power Tool Brand
We list the leading power tool brands, sharing their history, pedigree, innovations, and their most popular models so you can make an informed choice.
a person holding a tool box with the words get the best power tool brand on it
Get the Best Power Tool Brand
What are the best power tool brands? We’ve all seen the well-known names on the shelves of DIY stores across the country, but which ones are the best? Let's find out.
a person using a pair of scissors to cut paper with the words staples, sheets, and guides
Staple Sizes, Charts, Definitions, and Guides
Which staple size is best for your stapler? We delve into the world of staple sizes to explore what each fastener does and its uses, to help you choose the correct one for your particular project.
a stapler is sitting on top of some pieces of wood with the words staples in front of it
Staple Sizes for Staple Guns
Staple guns are not all the same, so you need to get the staples that match the gun. We will walk you through the ins and outs of what to look out for.
a belt sander is shown with the words, belt sander technique getting it right
Belt Sander Technique: Getting It Right
What are the best ways to keep you safe when using a belt sander? We look at the safety tips and tricks to ensure you don’t visit the Emergency Room.
a sander with the words how to use a belt sander
How To Use a Belt Sander
It’s not uncommon to flip the sander and secure it to a workbench. It now becomes a stationary sander, which is great for sanding smaller projects or shaping wood, especially edging. We give you more tips in our informative guide.
some tools are sitting on a table with the words 54 types of tools and counting
54 Types of Tools and Counting
Wondering what tools you need? Don’t panic. We show you the essential tools you should have in your toolkit to get the job done.
there are many different types of tools on the table with text overlay that says types of tools
Types of Tools
Tool types, what they are, what they do. Starting a toolkit as a first-timer never looked so easy.
various tools are laid out on the floor
Types of Tools and When To Use Them
From hand tools to gardening and power tools to safety, we reveal the most popular types of tools and why they are so great.
tools with the words get the best tools with these 10 great hand tool brands
Get the Best Tools With These 10 Great Hand Tool Brands
Hand tool brands, their history, and why we love them. Let’s find out what makes them so great and why their popularity endures.
the best hand tool brands in the world are you looking for tools to use?
Best Hand Tool Brands
There’s more history behind our biggest hand tool brands than you might think. We look at what makes them great and why they are as popular today as ever.
tools are shown with the words hand tool brands and why we love them
Hand Tool Brands and Why We Love Them
10 great hand tool brands to help you choose the right tool for the job. We tell you their history and what makes them special.