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TC Serdar Akkir
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Off Grid Tiny House Deep In The Carolina Woods Built For $1000

Cabin deep in the woods of Northern California. Spring water and solar power and scavenged wood and antique portholes from real ships - from Tiny House Swoon - Futura Home Decorating

The Honey House, Southern California, Design and Build from start to finish. For a movie on the build, see!projects/c5i8

Last year myself and 2 apprentices built this lovely cob cottage in Southern California. There's a step- by- step movie of how did it here!

cob house in the making.

A very practical solution~cob house in the making. temporary roof solution to protect the cob from rain during construction.

Eco-friendly Hobbit House For $250

Michael Buck, a farmer from Oxfordshire, England, has used the ancient cob building technique to construct a small but cozy hobbit house, for which he paid just

Design, Unique House Designs: Shell Shaped House Unique Home Design From Arquitecturaorganica Decoration

Another unique home design, now Arquitecturaorganica came with shell shaped house. Nautilus House, Mexico City is an imposing building that can impress any