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a person holding up a green and white towel with the letter d printed on it
Classic French Toile Wreath Sash with Solid Rose Monogram, Classic Monogram Wreath Bow
a blue ribbon with a bow on the top is shown in this drawing, it looks like
Watercolor Ribbon Banners and Bows Clipart, Watercolor Clip Art, Bestseller Bows, Blue Baby Shower Bows Banners, PNG - Etsy
an embroidered monogrammed blanket with the letter s on it and a pink bow
Monogrammed Baby Blanket, Vintage bow, personalized baby gift, baby shower gift
the letter m is made up of two letters
Apex Embroidery- Vienna & Pillar fonts
blue and white monogrammed stickers with the letters, numbers, and symbols
Monogrammed Scalloped Euro Sham, Pastel Mauve or Custom Color Embroidered Edge Color - Etsy
various monogrammed stickers with the letters and numbers for each letter, including one in
Monogrammed Scalloped Standard Sham, Pale Blue or Custom Color - Etsy