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Please, this needs to happen.  One thousand, thousand likes upon this post.

modhero: “ These are a blast! I love the idea of Future Molly Hayes taking the name Rogue! melovecomics: “ THE FUTURE MUTANTS…as I see it. X-MEN Prodigy as Sage Match as Sunfire Loa as Shadowcat Trance as Psylocke Armor as Colossus Indra as.

Dancer of the Boreal Valley by Artarrwen

It's been a while and I just had to paint something, so here's some Dark Souls fan art. Dancer of the Boreal Valley

Next Avengers

Can we talk about the fact that Natasha and Steve's son is named after Bucky, and that Thor ans Sif's daughter looks incredibly badass Avengers World <<< i am so happy about Captain America and Black Widow, i shipped that so hard!