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a piece of art that is on top of a white paper with watercolor paint
Watercolor and Embroidery II — Painted Lady Studio
a circular glass shelf with dried flowers on it and some sticks sticking out of the bottom
four wicker baskets sitting on top of a table
How to Make Repurposed Wicker Plates Into Art DIY
I love to have colorful flowers around me, especially in winter when everything is cold and white outside, and it's easy to create art pieces with beautiful floral graphics. I immediately got this idea when I found a $1 set of 4 wicker plates at the thrift store recently. I believe these are meant to be used under paper plates for stability.As soon as I got home that day I went into my graphics stash and found 4 floral graphics. Here's one of the floral graphics printed on regular…
a poster with the words how to decouppage with thick paper and an image of a bottle
How to Decoupage with Thick Paper / NO BUBBLES or WRINKLES
How to make handwritten love 💕 letter polymer clay earrings with stamps
Foil Crackle Earrings: Polymer clay, Metal Leaf & Alcohol Inks!
Hi! This is a short video tutorial on how to make Foil Crackle Earrings from Polymer clay! The full video with explanations is on my Youtube channel PolinaCreations, check it out! :) This technique is called the Crackle effect with metal foils and Alchohol Inks!
four different colored vases sitting next to each other on a cement surface with plants in the background
I painted some pots for my succulents! What do you think? Any tips for the next batch?
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table
Handmade Planters | Potted
a person in blue gloves is making something out of colored liquid and some other things
Alcohol Ink Accent Mirrors | Hometalk
four clay coasters with the words mud and match clay coasters on them in different colors
DIY Mix and Match Clay Coasters