Szász Tamás

Szász Tamás

Following / Sziasztok! Paracord karkötőket, kulcstartókat és egyéb kiegészítőket készítek egyedi méretben, színben és akár egyedi gravírozással is!
Szász Tamás
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Jig Pro Uni-Monkey Fist Jig

This Jig is capable of making monkey fists from up to size. Don't for get to pick up some Paracord while you're here.

Stormdrane's Blog: Paracord Sheath/Pouch

I share photos of my hobby with decorative and useful knot work, with paracord and other sizes/types of cordage and accessories.

Porta termo paracord

Paracord canteen cover, Flat Pack Canteen from County Comm. Mostly done with basic square knotting/macrame knot work, with finishing up the bottom causing quite a bit of consternation, settling with some sewing to end it. feet of paracord used.