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Basically the best in crazy nails u will EVER see Nah... Jk
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I think they r elegant... Well do u??

Is it your dream to have great looking and long nails? Acrylic nails can help you in this regard. To know more about acrylic nail care and nail care products read on.

My absolute fav out of all the other batman ones are my second fav

When your nails are painted, you have my permission to die. View "'The Dark Knight Rises' Nail Art" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Hmmm subways

Food Logo Wrappers Nail Designs - Nail Art Design From CoolNailsArt


Top 15 " eccentric" nail styles in the world All of the nail designs below are very sophisticated, taking a lot time to be done, however, not that any girl can have enough courage to try them with ‪


nail art arise because of improper use and design. nail art is the best for short-term wear and is perfect for special occasions such as your wedding, prom or birthday. Beautiful designs are made with flowers and rhinestones styles.

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