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a person is cutting up some food on a wooden board next to eggs and flour
Quick Potato Gnocchi
Quick Potato Gnocchi Recipe | Epicurious
there is a chocolate bar with nuts on it
Chocolate Hazelnut Torrone (Torrone dei Morti)
Chocolate Hazelnut Torrone known as Torrone dei Morti is a Neapolitan sweet served at the beginning of November to celebrate All Souls' Day.
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some food is on a green plate and ready to be eaten
Crab and Ricotta Cannelloni
Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Food Network Crab and Ricotta Cannelloni recipe from Giada De Laurentiis.
the best bolognzone recipe is shown in three different bowls with text overlay
Homemade Bolognese Sauce (Pappardelle)
spinach with white sauce and seasoning on top
Cavolo Nero with Garlic & Lemon
Cavolo Nero with Garlic & Lemon
a white bowl filled with pasta and spinach
How to make Stanley Tucci's pasta fagioli his way from new cookbook
a white plate topped with soup and vegetables
BAGNA CAUDA recipe and history - all you need to know! - philosokitchen
two pieces of meat on a plate with sauce and parsley
If you're looking for a dish that sounds and looks fancy, but isn't that hard to make, then Braciole is the one! Pronounced braa-chee-ow-lay, this melty, cheese-stuffed, tangy tomato-sauce-covered, tender, rosy steak main course will have your tastebuds convinced it was created by some five-star chef. Who wouldn't love that mistake, especially after simply putting the ingredients together and letting the oven do the arduous work? That could be you and your tastebuds! Braciole makes fancy achieva
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a white bowl filled with food on top of a plate
Baked gnocchi with bacon, tomato and mozzarella
some food is sitting in a basket on the table
Best tigelle recipe - how to make easy tigelle at home!
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some food is sitting on a wooden plate
Tigelle (Crescentine) Recipe
ham and cheese sandwiches on a cutting board with cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and fresh herbs
TIGELLE RECIPE & HISTORY - all you need to know!
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a wooden cutting board topped with different types of cheese and meats next to olives
TIGELLE RECIPE & HISTORY - all you need to know!
3h 30m
there is a plate full of pancakes and a glass of wine on the table behind it
Tigelle: How to dress up your antipasti with Bologna style — Michelle Damiani