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Sanuri by deilan12 on DeviantArt
Draenei Girl by curview on DeviantArt
Sanuri by deilan12 on DeviantArt
a woman in red is standing next to purple flowers
an artistic painting of a man with horns and flowers on his head, wearing armor
a woman in an orange dress with flames on her arms
Characters for the Roll for Combat Podcast 2 , Sheppi
an angel with white hair and black clothes is standing in front of a white background
doodle, Rinotuna
ArtStation - doodle, Rinotuna
Fantasy concept art [ Female character ]
Queen., Hunter Gage
Fantasy concept art [ Female character ]
ArtStation - Maria, Yozel Female Character, Female Human, Fantasy Warrior, Character Designs, Anime Character Design
Maria, Yozel
ArtStation - Maria, Yozel
ArtStation - 盾紅阿爾瓦, ZE-YAN JHUANG
ArtStation - 盾紅阿爾瓦, ZE-YAN JHUANG
a woman in black and red costume holding a wine glass
Twilight mistress Renata
a woman dressed in black and red holding two swords
a drawing of a woman with horns on her head and long black dress, standing in front of a white background
She is an archantist who sold her soul for the power of Medusa. Like Medusa, she was also once beautiful but was left with a hideous wound by a bandit and became unloved and left to die by her lover and sister. This is most likely why Medusa decided to help her and gave Nuibaba her powers and to extend her lifespan.
an anime character dressed in blue and black, holding two swords with one arm outstretched
FGO - Fanart redesign, Noiar Chen
Marvel, Character Design References
character portfolio(2020), park jun seok