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Tea is a great antioxidant after a workout or many other times you need to relax and recharge your batteries.

8 Best Homemade Healing Tea Recipes - Tea Remedies - Teas are the best way of consuming herbs besides; the dissolved essential nutrients get easily absorbed by the body. There are number of teas for almost ever.

Syn Free Taco Pasta - Slimming World Recipe - Easy - One Pot Dinner - One Pot Pasta - Syn Free - Taco - Pasta

A Mexican inspired Syn Free Taco Pasta recipe for Slimming World with accompanying recipe video for an easy and healthy meal.

Creamy Cajun Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins

Creamy Cajun Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins - Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins - Cajun - Peppers - Baked - Sweet Potatoes - Recipe - Slimming World - Syn Free - Healthy Extra A

Easy Peasy - 20 Minute - Homemade Mango Sorbet - Easy - Healthy - Low Syn - Slimming World

Easy homemade mango sorbet in just 20 minutes with three ingredients for just syns per serving on Slimming World.

Easy Peasy Sheet Pan Lamb Roast, the simplest roast dinner you'll ever make! - Iceland Luxury Rack of Lamb - Iceland Luxury Croquembouche - Easter Lamb Roast - Recipe - Slimming World -

This delicious lamb roast is the easiest roast dinner you'll ever make, cooked all together with one tray so you save time and washing up!

Healthy Lemon Mousse - Recipe - Slimming World - Pudding

A delicious, light and fluffy healthy lemon mousse. Just half a syn each on Slimming World & perfect for curbing sweet dessert cravings.

syn- free - hexb - pizza - slimming - world

So, the entire Slimming World community seemed to go into a meltdown last week after someone posted a picture of the Asda Wholemeal Bread Mix and revealed that this could be used as your HexB optio…