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an old photo of a man dressed as a skeleton and holding a sception
a man carrying another man on his back with the caption fireman's carry
Don't Just Lift Heavy, Carry Heavy
an old comic book cover with a woman in red and yellow costume holding a surfboard
Atoman #1 1946 Golden Age des Comics américains
an old comic book page with a character in the center and text on it that reads,
Who's Who: Tharok
The Legion of Super Bloggers! : Who's Who: Tharok
the front page of a comic book with an image of a man in uniform pointing at something
iron major
an old comic book cover with some weird looking characters on the front and back pages
The 20 Weirdest Aliens in the Marvel Universe
a comic book page with an image of a man holding a knife in his hand
a man in a red cape and blue shirt with his hands out, standing on one leg
Pep Comics The Boy Detective aka Dusty (MLJ)
an image of a man in a costume
an old comic book with cartoon characters on the cover and title in english, written by hannah barbera tv heroes
The Mighty Mightor!
Rip Jagger's Dojo: The Mighty Mightor!
an image of three alien men in blue suits with one pointing at the other man's head