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a man sitting on top of a chair with a glass of wine in his hand
"No, Not Cardinal. Papa.", Claire Hummel
a black and white drawing of a man in a suit holding a baseball glove with one hand
a man wearing a mask and holding a microphone
black and white photograph of a man in leather outfit with his hands on his hips
a man in a black outfit and hat with his hand up to the side, wearing a chain around his neck
elesketchii on Tumblr
a man with white face paint on his face and black pants, standing in front of a stage
a painting of a man with black hair and makeup
ezra 🙀 - ezramelon on ig & tt (another cool guy)
an old woman in a wheel chair being pushed by a man dressed as the devil
a drawing of a man in a red suit with the word copo on it
Copia/Popia, Claire Hummel
ArtStation - Copia/Popia
Papa Emeritus
a baseball player with his foot in the air, wearing a uniform and holding a shoe
a man sitting on top of a red chair in front of a black background with a skeleton face