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there is a dessert with chocolate and white frosting on the top, topped with nuts
Easy Drumstick Pie Recipe | Practically Homemade
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Muffin, Snacks, Chocolate Cream Cheese Pie Recipe, Cookie Crust
No-bake Better Than Sex Pie - TASTYDONE
there is a chocolate cake that has been cut into squares and placed on a pan
Small Batch Texas Sheet Cake for Two
a man holding a plate with a piece of cake on it in front of him
Making an Oreo Hershey's Bar Cake! | Oreo, cake | Oreo Hershey's Bar Cake! 🍫🤯 This is incredible... and hilarious! | By Team Balmert | Oh my god. Oh, look at that. Yes. Yo. That's legit. So, today, we're making the easiest Oreo cake you can make. So, the best part about this cake, it only takes four ingredients. You're going to need Oreos, milk, baking powder, and a Hershey bar. I mean, Oreo and Hershey. What could go wrong? So, the first step is we have to blend up our Oreos. The hell is this? The food processor. Okay, before we get started, who doesn't buy the double stuff? You. Alright, yeah, I did buy it. Okay, so this recipe for 16 Oreos. 28 Oreos. 28 Oreo. Can I watch the video again? The recipe calls for twenty-eight Oreos. Serving size is only three cookies. Yeah. To who? Who eats three Oreos? Oh my god. What is this part? Oh. Locked and loaded. Oh we gotta put this in huh? That probably works. Does it not lock in? How did I do that? You want to do this to your Oreos. Alexa, off. How do you set it off, man? Oh Lord. Me either. I don't I don't know it's all I'm doing either Siri. Can I just break this thing Lynx? Oh these are sharp. Why you let me touch this? Take this away from me. Okay next step is you want to add one cup of milk. Oh that's way too much. Oh my gosh. You want to add baking powder? Ha. Ha. Turn it into like a batter. Just like that. It's not supposed to go up to the top is it? No. Oh yeah I knew that. No. Alright we preheated the oven to 350 so we're going to pop it in for about 15 20 minutes. This should work Now we pray. Three, two, one. Alright. Here we go. Oh my gosh. We did something that worked. Oh. Oh. This is what these are for. Yeah. Three, two, one. Oh. I just heard it. I heard it too but why did it sound like pieces? I know it. Oh, dude. Okay, the next step is the most important step. We gotta add the frosting. If you didn't know, the frosting is an entire Hershey bar. You want to lay your Hershey bar right on top. Just like that. We're going to put this in the microwave just to melt the chocolate a little bit. I'm not a scientist but I don't think you're supposed to be that close to your microwave. Is it done? Look at his head. It's starting to melt on the edge. Yeah, dive in right there. Oh. Yes. Yo. That's legit man. Cheers. Cheers. Oh my gosh. Oh my god. Oh no. We are going to dominate the shirts bake sale. We belong here shirts. You gotta make those sounds. Yeah, I'm sorry to sweat, man. We ate way too much of this, dude.
this is an image of two cakes with white frosting on top and brown icing on the bottom
Better Than Winning The Lottery Cake – Money Can’t Buy This Level Of Yum!
French Silk Brownies
a slice of chocolate cake on a plate
Brick Street Chocolate Cake (aka Best Chocolate Cake Ever!)
there is a chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and chocolate creme
Hersheys Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Filling & Chocolate Cream Cheese Buttercream - Yummy Recipes
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lemon pretzel dessert on a plate with a fork
Lemon Pretzel Dessert
a piece of cake that has been cut in half with chocolate and nuts on top
Sex in a Pan
blueberry banana baked oatmeal cups on a wooden table with text overlay
Blueberry Baked Oatmeal