Wood and Fire!

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a hand holding a small cat figurine in it's palm
Handmade Wood Carving Painted Orange Cat Figurines,Handmade Wood Carving Cute Shiba Inu ,Personalized Gift,Gifts For Cat Lovers
a piece of wood with an image of a mushroom on it
Pyrography woodburning art
a wooden bookmark with a pine tree on it
Sitka Bookmark
a woman holding up a clock with mushrooms on it
a wooden plaque with mushrooms on it hanging from a fence post in front of some grass
a wood slice with a drawing of a cat sleeping on it's side,
a person holding up a piece of wood with flowers on it
FLORAL WOO BURNING Art, Wood Wall Décor, Burning Floral Art, Farmhouse Wall Décor, Wood Art, Wall Décor, Handmade Floral Buring Wall Decor. - Etsy
a wooden frame with some mushrooms on it
Wood-Burnt Mushroom Tray
three necklaces with wood and glass hanging from chains on top of a wooden table
Rustic Wood Burning