Gravity Falls

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two beds in a small room next to a window with light coming through the window
a note attached to an open book that says i'm watching you nerd
Gravity Falls aesthetic
there are lights strung from the ceiling and newspaper pages on the wall next to it
two cartoon scenes with people sitting at desks and one is reading the book while another looks
How Kindness Can Change Things Explained In Comics By Lunarbaboon (26 New Pics)
Chris Grady, the creator of Lunarbaboon, uses his own life as a dad to inspire his comics, but he also talks about everyday life and big feelings that everyone can relate to. His stories aren't just about being a parent; they also explore being an adult, facing challenges, and finding joy in small moments.
the back side of a pink box with two oranges on it
an image of a black and white drawing on wood
an image of a dinosaur in the water
an image of a dragon flying in the sky
there are two bottles and three skulls on the shelf with no refunds signs
Gravity Falls
a pixel art house in the woods with a sign that says mystery shack on it
a poster is hanging on the wall in front of bookshelves and posters that read i want to believe
Mapping The X-Files