Whether you’re smoking beef brisket, pork butt, fish or sausage, use this smoking times and temperatures chart to know what temperature to smoke at and at what temp your food is ready to eat.

Best charcoal grill smoker combo is perfect if you are a passionate griller. If you're thinking of buying a new grill we have a list of top 10 smoker combos

This is a "Vuuruarkie". They use them in South Africa to bake bread when they Braii. Braii(ing) is the South African version of barbecuing. A Braii blows the hell out of an American barbecue. Way more involved and a total life changing experience... But you gotta go to Africa to really know what it's all about.

Vuurvarkie Braai Bread Oven - Vuurvarkie Braai Bread Oven 1 x bread baking oven 1 x bread pan( bakes a bread) unbleached Eureka stone ground flour Recipe Instructions - BraaiShop.

Mentsd le a listát. Olyan értékes információkat tartalmaz, amit nem szabad őrizgetni, add tovább, segíts másokon is! Olyan, mint egy biblia – hasznosítsd az információkat. Íme a legteljesebb lista…

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Today's Follow Friday is woodworker David Picciuto, who was featured in the Show Us Your Woodworking section of our July 2013 Wood News. David has always b

Wine glass and bottle displays. Made out of red oak, mahogany, maple, walnut, and purple heart.

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Fire pit made out of old car tire rims with interchangeable snap on grill or pot holder

Asador hecho de rig

How to build a no-weld tire rim grill

No-Weld Tire Rim Grill There are several examples of tire rim grills out there…

Resultado de imagem para fogon para parrilla, tanque

Resultado de imagem para fogon para parrilla, tanque


Chickenmaster Rotary Grill can be used to cook mouth-watering chicken, as well as juicy ribs, and melt in your mouth steaks.