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formaggio fatto in casa: robiola / homemade robiola

on the cutting board, with salt-and-pepper cookies Remember the photo I published recently for Black and White Wednesday where I held in my hand a nice piece of fresh cheese? I wrote then that I would talk a bit more about the cheese portrayed and that is what I will do in this post. I will actually talk very little, since everything you need to know about making the cheese is on the robiola recipe page of the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company website. The page is authored by Jim…

formaggio coi buchi fatto in casa: Jarlsberg / homemade cheese: Jarlsberg Cheese With Holes, Nutella, Vegetarian Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Homemade Playdough, Homemade Cheese, Hungarian Recipes, How To Make Cheese, Cake Cookies

formaggio coi buchi fatto in casa: Jarlsberg / homemade cheese: Jarlsberg

In a previous post, I reported about making Leerdammer, my first cheese with holes (formaggio coi buchi). The holes are called "eyes" (occhi) and are bubbles of carbon dioxide created by the microorganism called Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii during the ripening period (as you can read here and also here). After making Leerdammer a second time, and enjoying every bite of the result, I decided to make Jarlsberg, a cheese that hails from Norway (Norvegia), a country that has…

Crescenza fatta in casa / homemade Crescenza Italian Cheese, Cheese Dishes, Artisan Cheese, Piece Of Bread, Homemade Cheese, Sweet Chilli, How To Make Cheese, Original Recipe, Queso

Crescenza fatta in casa / homemade Crescenza

savoring the fruit of my labor Crescenza is a soft, rindless cheese from Lombardia that is great to eat on its own, to savor its fresh, milky flavor, or to use in cooking. A few weeks ago, I read this post, in which Ian, one of the participants in the Cheesepalooza event, described his experience making Crescenza according to Mary Karlin's recipe. I immediately decided to try making it. I found Ms. Karlin's recipe on this page, whereas Ian got it from her book Artisan Cheese Making at Home…

Halloumi fatto in casa / homemade Halloumi No Dairy Recipes, Greek Recipes, How To Make Cheese, Food To Make, Homemade Cheese, Halloumi, Dinner Is Served, Meat Lovers, Tomato Sauce

Halloumi fatto in casa / homemade Halloumi

Halloumi and Anari from its leftover whey Halloumi is from the island of Cyprus and is characterized as a semi-hard, unripened, and brined cheese made traditionally from mostly sheep's milk with the addition of a smaller amount of goat's milk. Modern Halloumi is made from a mix of goat's and sheep's milk, and sometimes cow's milk is added. Thus Jim Wallace introduces this wonderful cheese on the page dedicated to his recipe for making Halloumi at home. Every month, Jim contributes a cheese…

Can not wait to start our homemade blue cheese. Blue Veined Cheese, Blue Cheese, Types Of Blue, Green Powder, Homemade Cheese, How To Make Cheese, Frozen, Canning, Cheese

formaggio tipo gorgonzola fatto in casa: Fourme d'Ambert / homemade blue cheese: Fourme d'Ambert

In my recent post on homemade Jarlsberg, I mentioned "a couple of experiment in the aging stage." One of them was my first blue cheese (a.k.a., blue-veined cheese). As you can see from the title, in Italian we don't say formaggio blu (blue cheese). My dictionary translates blue cheese with an expression that means gorgonzola-like cheese (formaggio tipo gorgonzola), gorgonzola being the justly famous Italian blue cheese. I obtained freeze-dried spores of Penicillium roqueforti (a dark green…

homemade dill Havarti Homemade Cheese, How To Make Cheese, Denmark, Feta, Europe

Havarti con aneto / dill Havarti

[cliccare il link per andare alla versione in italiano] just sliced Traveling with the Abbecedario culinario della Comunità Europea (European Community Culinary ABC), we've arrived in Denmark (Danimarca). Finally, we are in a country I have visited, albeit briefly. It was in Denmark that I first experienced the long days characteristic of summer in northern Europe. One August, years ago, three friends of mine and I drove from Italy to Norway and back, a wonderful trip that brought us to…

Briciole, an amazing resource for Italian food and recipes Kefir Culture, Valentines Day Post, Kefir Recipes, Homemade Cheese, Cacao Nibs, How To Make Cheese, Italian Recipes, Food And Drink, Bread

formaggio fresco di kefir fatto in casa / homemade fresh kefir cheese

kefir cheese with dukkah and cacao nibs As I mentioned in the post on homemade kefir, for my first attempt I used kefir culture. The flavor of the kefir was a bit too acidic for our taste, and at that point, I had not yet learned all the ways in which to use kefir that I know now. I decided to see how the kefir would taste once the whey was removed, so I poured the kefir into a cloth-lined colander, then made a bundle and hung it up to drain for 24 hours (at room temperature). I then chopped…

homemade English-style Coulommiers Gourmet Appetizers, English Farmhouse, Homemade Cheese, How To Make Cheese, English Style, Goat Milk, Cheese Recipes, Dishes, Eat

formaggio fatto in casa: Coulommiers stile inglese / homemade English-style Coulommiers

(a.k.a. English farmhouse cheese) I am not sure why I had never tried to make this fresh cheese before, but I am certainly glad that the availability of fresh goat milk (latte di capra) coupled with an impending trip steered me towards it. Different from Coulommiers, its English-style counterpart is not mold-ripened and can be eaten shortly after being made. I followed the recipe for this cheese given in the book 200 Easy Homemade Cheese Recipes by Debra Amrein-Boyes. I adapted the given…

Novel Food burro fatto in casa / homemade butter Homemade Cheese, Homemade Butter, Virginia Ham, Hot Corn, Egg Toast, How To Make Cheese, Strawberry Shortcake, Cornbread, Peppermint

Novel Food #6: burro fatto in casa / homemade butter

Oh, that supper-table! [...] In the centre stood the Raycie épergne1 of pierced silver, holding aloft a bunch of June roses surrounded by dangling baskets of sugared almonds and striped peppermints; and grouped about this decorative "motif" were Lowestoft platters heavy with piles of raspberries, strawberries and the first Delaware peaches. An outer flanking of heaped-up cookies, crullers, strawberry short-cake, piping hot corn-bread and deep golden butter in moist blocks still bedewed from…

formaggio fatto in casa: Caerphilly / homemade cheese: Caerphilly Homemade Cheese, How To Make Cheese, Feta, Bread, English, Kitchens, Brot, Baking

formaggio fatto in casa: Caerphilly / homemade cheese: Caerphilly

(pronunciation from this site) In my pressed homemade cheeses I lose one of the defining characteristics of a cheese: its particular shape (forma). This is because I only have one press (of which you can see a photo in this post), so all the cheeses I make that require pressing have the same shape (some are taller, some are shorter, depending on the weight applied to them and on how long they are pressed). Hence, I hope you'll forgive me if in my photos, you keep seeing cylindrical cheeses…

Recipe: homemade mascarpone / Ricetta: mascarpone fatto in casa Moving To California, Homemade Cheese, How To Make Cheese, Grocery Store, Desserts, Recipes, Food, Mascarpone, Tailgate Desserts

mascarpone fatto in casa / homemade mascarpone

[cliccare il link per andare alla versione in italiano] Nobody that I know makes mascarpone at home in Italy. The reason, I believe, is that you can go to the grocery store around the corner and get some, so there is no real incentive to learn to do-it-yourself. Finding good quality mascarpone became less obvious once I moved to California. At some point, I read that one could make it at home. Still, things did not click in my mind, also because by then I could find imported Italian…

homemade Quark Quark Cheese, Cheese Tarts, Homemade Cheese, How To Make Cheese, Asian, Cheese Pies, Cheesecakes

crostata di pere asiatiche e formaggio Quark / Asian pear and Quark cheese tart

[cliccare il link per andare alla versione in italiano] a symphony in three layers You know how they say that subscribing to a CSA makes you learn to use new types of produce? Well, it is true. Asian pears look charming with their distinctive portly shape, exuding authority and the worldly wisdom of someone who has traveled from afar. When I started receiving freshly picked organic Asian pears of the varieties Shinko and Nijisseki (a.k.a. 20th Century, see photo below) in my weekly CSA box a…

kefir fatto in casa / homemade kefir Kefir How To Make, How To Make Cheese, Mango Lassi, Homemade Cheese, Food, Essen, Meals, Yemek, Eten

kefir fatto in casa / homemade kefir

mango lassi made with kefir A couple of months ago, I made kefir using this culture. The process was straightforward and in about 24 hours, we could taste it. I ended up making fresh cheese with it: I will described that in an upcoming this post. While my first adventure with kefir was unfolding, Jeri, who writes the blog of the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company, published a three-part summary of information received by readers of their newsletter: 1. ordering kefir grains; 2. growing…

una serata alla Scala e mascarpone / an evening at La Scala and mascarpone Tiramisu, Homemade Cheese, How To Make Cheese, Allrecipes, Icing, How To Memorize Things, Desserts, Food, Muffins

una serata alla Scala e mascarpone / an evening at La Scala and mascarpone

[cliccare il link per andare alla versione in italiano] Welcome to the Teatro alla Scala, the crown jewel of Italian opera theaters. the view from our box Three years ago, we spent a memorable evening in this dazzling place. my seat The small screen displays the subtitles. My husband was able to select the English version of the subtitles. bravi! We watched Gaetano Donizetti's Le convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali: it is an opera about staging an opera and is quite amusing. the front of…

Novel Food neufchâtel fatto in casa / homemade (French) Neufchâtel Homemade Cheese, How To Make Cheese, French, Food, French People, Essen, French Language, Meals, Eten

Novel Food #12: neufchâtel fatto in casa / homemade (French) Neufchâtel

If you think cheese is just food, you're an eejit1, because it is so much more than that. It's poetry. It's passion. It's pathos. Crisp remarks like the one above introduce each chapter of the novel Blessed Are the Cheesemakers by Sarah-Kate Lynch. The source of wisdom is Joseph Feehan (Fee) who, together with Joseph Corrigan (Corrie), makes cheese at Coolarney House (in Schillies, County Cork, Ireland) using milk from their own cows (including Princess Grace, named after Grace Kelly). Once…

homemade fresh chèvre Aged Cheese, Homemade Cheese, How To Make Cheese, Fresh, Goat Milk, Food, Home, Essen, Meals

chèvre fresco fatto in casa e levistico / homemade fresh chèvre flavored with lovage

In my cheese making, I like to alternate between fresh and aged cheeses. Fresh cheeses have the advantage of being ready for consumption within a short time frame and so they balance out the need for longer waiting periods required by aged cheeses. A few days ago, after getting a quart of fresh goat milk, I decided it was time to use the chèvre direct-set packets I had in my freezer. I added to it a quart of cow milk and followed these instructions to make the cheese. This is as easy as it…