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How To Make A Drawstring Backpack

Learn how to make a drawstring backpack for your kids using these adorable designs, patterns and tutorials from handcrafted lifestyle expert Lia Griffith!

Thisispaper Lookbook: Bags & Rucksacks

Backpack for those do not like zippers


Say it with emoticons. This Japanese Emoticon Stamper has all the various punctuation marks you need to stamp out one of 2000 different types of emoticons.

The Pico Paso is a stepped tone noise noise synth designed by Dr. Bleep for Handmade Music Austin.  It’s similar to the Atari Punk synth, aka Forrest Mims’ stepped tone generator, but uses two triangle wave oscillators that can be combined or used separately. A wave shaper and square wave LFO are used to increase the aural ridiculousness.

Make electronic music with this stepped tone synth. A great beginner soldering kit.


The Hello Kitty Reversible Plush Hamburger, aka The Greatest Transformer Ever, is available at Sanrio.