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Dragonfly charms, Lavender purple Swarovski crystals, sterling silver earrings. McKee Jewelry designs

Earrings are delicately hanging from silver dragonfly charms, thin and Lightweight and super blingy! The crystals are made from Swarovski Crystal Passions 22 mm faceted teardrop pendant.

Copper Enamel Earrings/ with Cloisone Spiral/Seascape/Nature

Reserved For Lindsay/Copper Enamel Earrings/ with Cloisone Spiral/Seascape/Nature Art/Costa Rica Inspiration/Tropical

nice How to Create Your Own Trendy Tassel Accessories

You read the headline and thought to yourself, wait are they really doing a DIY project involving high school and/or college graduation tassels? Well the answer is no! The tassels we're talking about are handmade, suede, and chic as the