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four different images of people in school uniforms and holding their children, one boy is hugging the
Graduation! - Gaming
the storyboard shows how to use different expressions for animation and animation character creations
Grown up Hiro - FunSubstance
an animated scene with two people in the background and one man looking at his phone
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multiple images of different colors and shapes in the same image, each with their own reflection
70 Easy DIY Disney Costumes For Adults This Halloween
two women with long hair and horns on their heads are surrounded by blood splatters
Arquivos Malévola - Burn Book
Malévola, uma jovem de coração puro, vive em um pacífico reino na floresta, até o dia em que um exército invasor ameaça a harmonia da região, fazendo com que ela se torne a mais feroz protetora do reino. No entanto, uma terrível traição a transforma em uma mulher amarga e vingativa. Como consequência, amaldiçoa Aurora, sua filha recém-nascida. Mas, aos poucos, Malévola percebe que a criança é a chave para a paz no reino e para sua verdadeira felicidade também. #Malevola #Maleficent #disney #Mis
an image of three people with horns on their heads and the words once upon a dream above them
7 Steps to Align With Your Higher Self
Can't remember the source of this rough pencil test, if anyone has any idea leave a comment!
two comics with people sitting on the floor and one is holding an object in his hand
Big Hero 6 fanart. Bot fight...fla lalala! Awe!!!!!! <3
two men sitting down talking to each other with balloons in the sky above them and an image of a house
★Imágenes de Coco★