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an open book on a blue background
Book app icon
a paper with a pen on top of it
light blue notes app icon
the hbo max logo is shown in white on a blue background with water ripples
HBOmax app icon - light Blue/ baby Blue
HBOmax app logo - baby Blue/Light Blue ~ design by Rachel J. Hansen
an english sticker with various items such as books, pencils, and paper
Light Blue English School Subject Sticker Pack Sticker by The-Goods
an ink drawing of flowers on a light blue background with the words, i love you
outline of flowers (light blue aesthetic) created and uploaded by ashlin (@ashlin1025)
a white cloud on a light blue background
light blue weather icloud app icon @yeahishi
a blue heart on a white background
Pin de Fran em icons ★彡 | Planos de fundo, Poster, Metadinhas | Cosas azules, Fondos de pantalla de iphone, Fondo de pantalla de ipad
a white butterfly flying through the air
⩩ !ʚ goׅ︩︪𖦹࣪gׅiᥱ ◟🌷ꗃ ⌯ | Light blue icons:), Blue aesthetic pastel, Light blue aesthetic
a white heart on a blue background
light blue health app icon
a blue background with white text and a camera
Files icon
a white spot in the middle of a blue background with an image of a music note
light blue spotify app icon
a white instagram icon on a blue background
light blue instagram app icon