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the grunge aesthetic. Badass girls and people bordering on suicide, lost completely in the depths of depression. I can't believe mental illnesses are now an aesthetic GRUNGE, wow take a look around at the world we live in. Mode Grunge, Grunge Look, Badass Aesthetic, Bad Girl Aesthetic, Aesthetic Grunge Black, Aesthetic Look, Aesthetic People, Grunge Photography, Girl Photography

A Father A father Standing by the door I wiped the tears away Frightening thoughts Overwhelming my mind This man is a father My father, His father No! He is a demon Body and soul taken over by substances that tear him apart. Taking away, all that he knows Piece by piece Step by step he becomes more destroyed than any man you have met. A man, What is a man? Now opening the door I watch him chase her around I watch them run in circles, circles, and more circles…