let’s break bread

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the sun shines through the trees and grass in this meadow filled with wildflowers
꒰ఎ ★ ໒꒱
three heart shaped cutouts are placed on a wooden fence with grass growing through them
a woman with long blonde hair is holding a cat in her hands while standing next to a pine tree
white flowers are arranged in the middle of a circle on green grass, with pavement and sidewalk behind them
🌿🌼🧺 on X
a woman standing in front of a wooden building
🐺 on Twitter
a field full of flowers and trees with mountains in the background
two bowls filled with berries sitting on top of a wooden bench
a bench under a large tree in the middle of a park with lots of green leaves
木 (tree) | kei***
a woman standing on top of a tree next to a fence and holding onto the trunk