Snowy Winter Window

winter is coming. frosted, snowed window pane This would be pretty on the front windows for Winter!

rust red leaves ....

Red Ivy Leaves, Print, Fall Garnet Red Wall Romantic Paris Window, Cranberry, White - Climbing the Walls.

♥♡♥♡ white on white ♥♡♥♡

white window with lace. I love the window and the curtains, but my OCD would go crazy over the paint job~

St. Ives green door ~ 200 years old, it still belongs to the St. Ives Bakery, Cornwall:  Delboy1940Essex

A door in St Ives, Cornwall,UK. The 200 year old door belongs to St Ives Bakery and has been listed by its owners, who were at one time made an offer to put it in the Tate gallery, but as the owner said where would I get another 200 year old

Karlplatz Vienne - Otto Wagner

Art Deco was a style that can out of Paris in the mid It was an interpretation of the Neo Classical styles of the century Regency and Empire green door