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I realized that I RARELY post about Jin and that needs to be fixed ASAP so I'm gonna post about just Jin for a while>>Same so any Jin pictures are going to be posted

"Às vezes me pergunto se as pessoas enxergam o mesmo céu que eu enxergo." Alexandre S.

beyond the scene is probably the most greatest thing to happen to kpop their legends and will forever be remebered when they are no longer with us us armys will keep them in our hearts forever~

BTS - Wings ♡

BTS - Wings ♡ I haven't been an ARMY for a long time, I first discovered BTS through two of my friends from school. And ever since they've showed me Dope, I've been captivated by their MV's, Choreography, and of course their singing and rapping skills.


for their dear causes / Would to the bleeding and the grim alarm / Excite the mortified man"