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the interior and dashboard of a small car at an auto show in two different pictures
Creamy Crock Pot Hot Chocolate
the back end of a white car with luggage on top
Home made 500C classic style picnic rack. | FIAT 500 (2007+)
a white motor scooter with red, blue and green stripes on the seat
Vespa Motorcycles & Scooters for sale | eBay
many different cars are shown in the same color as each car's body type
Micromobiles: 1949 Fiat 500C Topolino, 1959 Vespa 400, 1959 Messerschmitt KR200 // classic and vintage car design
a pink scooter is parked on the street
Some day I will have a Pink Scooter.
two people riding on the back of a red scooter
Fangio mom Yanidel
A mother daughter ride on a red Vespa on Les Champs Elysees
a pink scooter is parked on the sidewalk
love this pink scooter ♥
a blue and white scooter parked in front of a brick wall on concrete
Piaggio Vespa Scooter and Sidecar
Beautiful blue scooter with a sidecar
an old style scooter is on display in a museum setting with other vehicles
The Vespa sidecar was manufactured between the end of1948 and early 1949 following the success of the new 125cc engine. The Vespa 150 VL1 was the first to be built in this displacement, and the first were sold at the end of 1954. Studied in minute detail, the Vespa with the sidecar had one single long connecting arm with suspension and had coil springs for stability and comfort on long rides.