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four pictures of two children playing on swings
Awesome DIY Swing Ideas - The Owner-Builder Network
One old skateboard, some rope and a broom stick (and a tree) and the kids can have a great swing. Are we ever too old to have a swing?
Brincadeira de agilidade, socialização, motricidade ampla e cooperação
Pessoal, olha essa brincadeira que ajuda no desenvolvimento da agilidade, socialização, motricidade ampla e cooperação🥰🤩 Professora quer ter acesso à planejamentos anuais editáveis em Word de acordo com os códigos da BNCC? Temos planejamentos do berçário ao 9º ano!🎯 CORRE LÁ NO LINK NA BIO! #ensinofundamental #psicomotricidade #jardimdeinfancia #preescola #educacao #atividades #atividadespedagogicas #planodeaula Reposted from @prof_annaclaudiafab
If your child is inattentive, you can make this toy to train the brain.
children are playing with beads on a table
Flex The Brain Muscle : Indoor Activities To Promote Motor Development Of Kids | Toddler learning activities, Montessori activities, Preschool crafts
a diagram of the human body made out of different types of medical items and words
Pin on Kids project for school | Human body science projects, Science projects for kids, Human body projects