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two young men are looking at each other while one holds his ear to the side
cicca 最終巻読んだよ on Twitter
the storyboard shows different stages of writing
a young man wearing a red head band next to an older man in a baseball uniform
a drawing of two people sitting next to each other with speech bubbles above their heads
Jean x Marco- You Know, I Always Have and Always Will Love You
two people with flowers in their hair and one person wearing a flower crown on his head
Art, Slayer, Art Reference Poses, Character
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an anime character with his mouth open and one hand out to the side, pointing at something
an image of some guys with different expressions on their faces and hands in front of them
@_sonagee jeanmarco 1
two people sitting on a couch hugging each other with speech bubbles above them that say good morning
#marco-x-jean on Tumblr
an image of two people hugging each other with the caption that reads, i don't know what they are
a black and white drawing of a man with flowers in his hand holding a cell phone
悠月@読了 (@yuzuki_v) | Twitter
two young men with face paint on their faces, one smiling and the other frowning
👽gaylien👽 on Twitter