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Graphic design and photoshop elements and art and photos
560 Pins
an assortment of flowers and leaves are shown in different colors on the same sheet of paper
a green cabinet with flowers painted on the front and side panels, in a kitchen
A fridge made to look like a cabinet
Meet the Tiny Collection✨ beautiful dolls that feed children
Beautifully made to cherish + collect.😍 Create the most magical moments for your little one with these stunningly handcrafted dolls and their tiny handpainted wildflower homes.
No more struggling to picture certain colors together!
How excited will you be when the Color Cubes arrive at your door? These cards are inspiring artists around the world, helping them choose colors that work well together and increase their confidence in their art. Find out more at! video by artbynataliev on Instagram
Strawberry watercolor painting by pink puddle studio
Making Patterns In Affinity Designer
“What is the best app for making repeat patterns?” The truth is that the answer is not as simple as we would like it to be because it depends a lot on what kind of work you make, how you like to create, and what the end use will be for your patterns. So I wanted to create a detailed reference guide for any of you who want to learn all the pros and cons of each app so you can make your final decision about which one to use. Click on the title to read all about it!
Oil Pastel Strawberry Artwork 🍓
an image of a calendar with the words, design a calendar in 2 weeks
Create a Calendar with Stacie Bloomfield
Design a Calendar in 2 Weeks! When you want to dip your toe into creating income from your art, you have to find that perfect balance between making eye-catching art and putting it on a product that is useful to your dream customers. Calendars are perhaps the perfect marriage of art + product. Join my "Create a Calendar" Course and make your calendar come to life!
the ultimate guide to become steams for creatives with these free printables
[Free Guide] Create Income From Your Art
Hey creative 👋 Looking to make a profit with your art? From a coffee shop manager to a full-time artist selling products in over 1000 brick and mortar stores – I have a big list of ways you can leverage art for income. Snag the FREE guide here >>
four different colored tapes with designs on them