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a quote that says sometimes you just need to talk about something not to get sympathy or help Feelings, Funny Quotes, Quotes By Emotions, Quotes To Live By, Words Quotes, Deep Thoughts
Sometimes you just need to talk about something not to get sympathy or help but just to kill it's power by allowing the truth of things to hit the air.
a drawing of a woman sitting on the beach looking out at the ocean with an inspirational quote above her Life Quotes, Inspiration, Quotes, Love, Humour, Soul Quotes, Grief
a woman walking down train tracks with balloons in her hand and the words we all have bag Happiness, Life Lessons, Life Lesson Quotes, Mindfulness, Life Advice
a poster with the words footraw written in blue and white, against a white background Nice, Word Of The Day, Words To Use, Unique Words Definitions, Uncommon Words, Powerful Words, Good Vocabulary Words
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a man working in a factory with the caption's quote Wise Words, Expert Quote, Thought Provoking
a piece of paper with a drawing of a skeleton dancing Unusual Words, Great Words, Word Nerd, Unique Words
the words nugattorys are written in black on a white background with an old - fashioned font Play, Words That Describe Feelings, English Phrases
the word gormless is written in black on a white background with text below it
the words latibulate are written in black and white on a white background Word Definitions
the words goshbustified are written in black ink on a beige background Slang, Pretty Words, Fancy Words
the words scrumdfiffrous are written in black ink on a white background Fun Words To Say
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there is a poem written on the side of a wall that says, titynope nom a small quantity of something left over bits of food or beverage Funny Words
a quote that says nobody hustles harder than a woman who doesn't like asking people for anything Meaningful Quotes, Favorite Quotes, Hustle
a black and white photo with the words, i would't rather adjust my life to
got that right.
the words don't be so quick to judge me after all, you only see what i choose to show you
an old newspaper advertisement with the words monday on it
Funny As Hell, Witty
the text reads 50 shades of grey is only romantic because he's a billionaire if
a sign that says, did you know that dammit'm mad? spelled backwardss is damnit i'm mad Meme, Haha, Im Mad, Humor, Hilarious
Nice Play On Words
it really does..