Island Hopping in St. Thomas and St. Martin on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas! {Cruise Review}

A Week in the Caribbean, Part 1 {St. Thomas, St. Martin}

Thomas is the bargain-shopping bazaar of the Caribbean, with over 400 shops along the Main Street area in Charlotte Amalie and some 50 more in Havensight Mall.

Huanglong Pools, China.

Travertine Pools in Huanglong, Sichuan, China. Part of the World Heritage Site Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area since

Travel More Often

I Just Want to Travel (Plus a Giveaway

I wish I could travel more…who hasn’t thought or said that at least a couple times in their life?

Italy - La Dolce Vita - Discover the 10 Best Street Food Spots in Rome. What a delicious addition to your Italy travel plans.

The Best Street Food Spots in Rome

Hiking Wanderlust. Take the time to explore. #hiking

I feel like this is my personality summed up in one picture. Pony tail, sitting in a field, writing in a journal, camping pack, water bottle and travel mugs in the back ground. Such a modestly beautiful shot