Slow anti-calendar: Do nothing!

Over-planning kills magic. Make sure you schedule some spare time for yourself. Our anti-calendar aims to help you in that. January is about doing nothing.
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"I can feel the sun warm my face and the cool shadows kiss my cheek.

My heart . my mind . my intuition . the senses of my body . the blessings . my spirit . my fear .

Doing Nothing Is the Key to Happiness

pureblyss: “ bohemianhomes: “ Bohemian Homes: relaxing in paris ” This is what I would like to be doing right now.

Italian// Love this saying | "The sweetness of doing nothing."

Il dolce far niente; il dolce far niente; il dolce far niente. Sounds so, so, so Italian. MEANS: The sweetness of doing nothing.

Maybe we need to just do nothing and go nowhere -- even if it's for five minutes

The caption for this photo on Noisy Plume was "Stay Connected". It made my heart yearn for a giant dose of unadulterated nature.

And guess what? I didn't do a thing today:) It was Sunday fun day for sure.


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The Idler: How to do nothing

zuol: “I’m convinced that time spent idle makes for a healthier state of mind. We want less and are more at peace when we get it. We sleep better and work harder. Simpler things bring us joy.

sunshine :)

A sun filled day, without a watch, no where to go with the thing to do was counting clouds while lying peacefully in a field. Ah, then a nap! Now that's a day dream!