Slow anti-calendar: Rhythm

Over-planning kills magic. Make sure you schedule some spare time for yourself. Our anti-calendar aims to help you in that. September is about the rhythm, as "timed movement through space" and encouraging a comforting and predictable rhythm.
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Budapest rhythm

Budapest :: I think Oxford might need to give up the title of the city of dreaming spires!

Moving train, sun shining onto a train station.all on a slow shutter speed. Beautiful (Passage of time idea)

Clouds in my're so vain, photography inspiration, photography ideas. Tanna Coffee appreciates all forms of Latte art/ coffee art and we use it for our own inspiration here in the factory.

Mornings are my favorite. Watching the sun come up with a cup of coffee is one of the best feelings in the world (by Inaki Soria)

sarah kieffer

Rose groaned, holding her aching head and tripped over an empty wine bottle on her way to the kitchen. "Who started the damn kettle?