just perfect

fresh brewed tea for your dosha is the perfect elixer to maintain health and wellbeing year round.

Love Tea -- 1 part damiana, 1 part rose petals, 1/2 part cinnamon chips, 1/2 part dried strawberries, 1/4 part jasmine flowers

Rose Spa - Herbal Rose Tea // 1 part damiana, 1 part rose petals, part cinnamon chips, part dried strawberries, part jasmine flowers

earthen-magics: “Make your own Herbal Medicine Chest for Anxiety Daily Strengthener and Stress Buster: In one quart of hot water, add = 2 tablespoons Oatstraw = 1 tablespoon Scullcap = 1 tablespoon Holy Basil = 2 teaspoons Rose Petal Let steep for.


saw this Pin, A hot cup of tea in the morning.love the steam captured, the teabag ready to steep, to brew, to exude flavours.